Stable isotope analyses

With decades of experience in stable isotope measurements, we provide analytical services for industry and research.



Do you need fast, accurate stable isotope determinations in the field of geology, geochemistry, agro- and food-industry, archaeology, medicine, geomedicine or even forensics? Contact us!

We operate two Thermo Fischer Scientific stable isotope ratio mass spectrometers (Delta plus XP, Delta plus V type IRMS) specially designed for measurement of environmental stable isotopes 2H, 13C, 15N, 18O, 34with the required accuracy.

Stable isotope ratio analyses:

  • Hydrogen/deuterium 2H /1H
  • Carbon 13C /12C
  • Nitrogen 15N /14N
  • Oxygen 18O /16O
  • Sulfur 34S /32S
  • Strontium 87Sr /86Sr
  • Lead isotope ratios
  • U, Fe isotope ratio

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Measurements are performed with aThermo Finnigan Delta plus XP and Delta plus V type stable isotope ratio mass spectrometer. We have the necessary peripheral equipment for automated, on-line analyses, such as High-Temperature Conversion Element Analyser (TC/EA), GasBench II type preparation device, Dual-Inlet injection system.

To increase accuracy and capacity, a new stable isotope ratio mass spectrometer will be purchased in 2022.

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