Radiocarbon C-14 dating

At HEKAL’s radiocarbon laboratory, we have been using Hungary’s only accelerator mass spectrometer specialised in C-14 (EnvironMICADAS AMS) to determine the age of samples for 10 years.



We offer you assistance in a wide range of fields, from the dating of archaeological samples (bones, tooth, plant remains), artworks and antiquities, biobased content analysis to solutions for environmental problems by our trained experts. The maximum measurable C-14 age is around 50,000 years BP.

Samples arriving at the laboratory are always prepared for measurement by methods appropriate to the sample type. Samples are measured in graphite form with a lead time of 4-8 weeks from the date of arrival of the samples in the laboratory.

We are one of the few laboratories worldwide that are accredited to perform AMS radiocarbon measurements.

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Radiocarbon samples are prepared in our state-of-the-art sample preparation laboratory using modern equipment. Our laboratory can prepare a wide range of sample types (archaeological samples, environmental samples, biofuel, aerosol, etc.) for radiocarbon measurements.

In addition to the many advantages of the Mini Carbon Dating System (MICADAS) AMS, currently the only one available in our country, based on accelerator mass spectrometry isotope separation, it is worth mentioning that it allows the use of very small sample volumes (0.01-0.1 mg C) in a short measurement time. As a complementary periphery, it includes a gas handling system that allows direct measurement of CO2 gas, facilitating flexible injection of samples containing very small amounts of carbon (<50 µg carbon).

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