Procurement of analytical measuring instruments (2011)

Project details:

Project ID number: GINOP-2.3.4-15-2020-00007

The total value of the development completed in 2012 is 33.683.162 HUF, of which 13.473.264 HUF (40 %) is the value of the non-refundable grant awarded under our application GOP-2.1.1-11/A-2011-1004 submitted under the New Széchenyi Plan.

Contributing organisation: MAG Ltd.


ISOTOPTECH Zrt. has purchased two pieces of equipment under the grant:

TitrIC 7 ion chromatograph:

The TitrIC 7 modular system chosen by us is suitable for the accurate measurement of conductivity, pH and alkalinity in addition to the determination of anions and cations. The instrument contains columns that can be used to detect oxohalides (bromate, chlorite, chlorite, chlorate ion) in addition to standard anions (fluoride, chloride, nitrite, bromide, nitrate, phosphate, sulphate ion) and standard cations (lithium, sodium, potassium, calcium, magnesium, ammonium ion). The instrument, equipped with an automatic titrator, is also used for the determination of p and m alkalinity. In addition to the above mentioned, the method has the advantages over the currently used water chemistry methods in terms of low detection limit, accuracy and economical, environmentally friendly use of chemicals, as well as compliance with Hungarian and international standards and GLP requirements.


UV-2600 UV/VIS spectrophotometer:

The UV-2600 is a double-beam, grating, xenon lamp, photodiode spectrophotometer suitable for the quantification of various water chemistry parameters. This method is a perfect complement to ion chromatography. By combining these two instruments, we can provide a quality and quantity of water chemistry that meets the requirements of both our customers and standards. We also required a CVC validation unit and IQ/OQ documentation for the spectrophotometer, taking into account the criteria required for laboratory accreditation.