Acquisition and further development of Ortinno Hip&Knee medical devices know-how (2021)

Project details:

Project identification number:


Beneficiary: Isotoptech ZRt.

Project implementation period: 01.07.2021 – 31.12.2021.


Amount of funding:

125 375 692 Ft



The aim of the project is to create a development and manufacturing capacity that will enable the mass production and further development of the OrtInno Hip&Knee device – and, in the medium to long term, other innovative medical devices of the same brand with similar niche applications – to meet specific needs.

The acquisition of the know-how of the OrtInno Hip&Knee device will provide all the information needed to further develop it and, once production capacity is established, to launch it on the market.

New equipment, machinery, new technological systems and new capacities are planned as part of the project:

Based on our 20 years of market experience, we are prepared to rapidly implement a pre-designed development, this makes our current workshop background suitable for prototype production too. The development of our mechanical workshop background is essential for the planned high-volume production after the project. Thus, as part of the development of new tools, machines and technological capacities, we plan to purchase 1 CNC milling machining centre, 1 CNC lathe, 1 conventional lathe and 1 conventional milling machine, 1 industrial 3D plastic printer and 1 CNC precision milling machine. In selecting the equipment, we aimed to select mid-range machines for the planned production volume (cost efficiency) and, if possible, from Hungarian suppliers (because the supply chains are hampered due to the pandemic situation, and to support Hungarian industry). Our electronics workshop capacity and the aforementioned mechanical workshop capacity will be sufficient for the prototype production and, on the electronics side, for the initial manufacturing processes. The 3D printer will allow the production of customized, small series plastic parts, but at the same time it can provide the opportunity/capacity for future development plans of Isotoptech Zrt.

Purchase of IT hardware and software to support production:

For the development of this point, we focus on 3 main areas:

  1. Implementation of targeted user-friendly, remote programming and cloud data storage capable electronics and software development
  2. The development of server capacity and cloud-based services to enable secure storage, evaluation and remote programming of device data, as our current server capacity does not allow for new functions
  3. Upgrading the ERP and LIMS system (or in some areas introducing it altogether), which will allow optimal, cost-effective serial production

What is the Ortinno Hip&Knee rehabilitation device?

The OrtInno Hip&Knee is a device for the rehabilitation and relaxation of knee and hip movement constriction. It works by restoring the hip and knee movements necessary for a harmonious gait through a controlled movement programme, without the presence of a specialist, even in a home environment. This largely replaces the work of health professionals, since, following a pre-treatment assessment and indication, online communication between the patient or carer and the doctor or physiotherapist managing the treatment is sufficient. This minimises the number of face-to-face contacts, allowing treatment of patients in need to continue despite the presence, suspicion or exposure to Covid (or other infectious) disease. The device also provides data storage and transmission.

The device, based on a new concept, has an internationally recognised medical background. Years of development work have resulted in a therapeutic device that has proven to be effective in clinical practice and that is clearly suitable for the prevention of lower limb contracture or the effective treatment of lower limb movement constriction in case it has already developed. Clinical trials have shown its efficacy to be the highest of the currently available options.