Noble gas analyses

HEKAL’s noble gas laboratory is one of our oldest departments, operating and dynamically developing from the very beginning.



The main profile of our noble gas laboratory is to determine the elemental and isotopic composition of noble gases (He, Ne, Ar, Kr, Xe és a 3He / 4He) in various gases, water samples and fluid inclusions in rocks for both geochronological and geochemical studies. One of the major applications of noble gas studies are to determine the vulnerability of aquifers while this information can also be applied to environmental and climate research.

Our noble gas laboratory, with more than two decades of experience, provides the appropriate expertise for these studies.

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The system, developed for the VG5400 noble gas mass spectrometer, was designed primarily for the determination of tritium concentrations in water samples and was rebuilt in 2007, allowing to concentrate the helium and its separation from neon. In 2017, a Helix SFT helium mass spectrometer was added to our infrastructure to increase accuracy and capacity.

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