Development of sample digestion and preparation systems and measurement methods (2009)

Project details:

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Beneficiary: Isotoptech ZRt.

Project implementation period:

2009.10.01. 01.10.2009 – 30.09.2011.

Amount of funding: 51 857 223 HUF


The objective of the grant is to establish a sample preparation laboratory for the operation of the AMS mass spectrometer. The main equipment for the sample preparation laboratory has been purchased and a number of self-developed devices have been built. In the framework of the test run, the testing, adjustment, optimisation, alignment with AMS and further development of the equipment was completed in October 2011. The first results on the closed-tube sample preparation equipment were presented together with the Ion Beam Physics Laboratory of ETH Zurich at the AMS-12 conference in Wellington, New Zealand.

Contributing organisation: MAG Ltd.

Equipment built or purchased by Isotoptech Zrt: