Electronics and mechanical development centre

Our development centre has the comprehensive knowledge and experience to solve challenges ranging from mechanical machining, electronic component design and manufacturing and software development.

With 20 years of market experience, we are equipped to rapidly implement a well-thought-out development, enabling us to produce prototypes at various levels and even small-scale production of market-ready products.

  • In the mechanical workshop, a wide range of lathes and milling machines are available for conventional machining.
  • We have extensive experience in the manufacture of vacuum components (chambers, beam channel elements).
  • In 2016, we installed a Techni Waterjet i510-G2 waterjet cutter, which is computer-controlled and can cut almost any material with a flat geometry up to 200 mm thickness. Unlike other cuts, there is no structural change in the material near the cutting point.
  • The workpiece/equipment is designed using the Solidworks+Electrical mechanical and electrical design package, which also allows 3D visualisation of the workpiece/prototype.
  • For electronics development, a full development environment for Mitsubishi PLCs is available, including HMI (Human-Machine Interface), motion control systems, drive control, drive configuration and design of frequency inverters, PLC to PLC communication network design and testing, robotics controls.
  • It is possible to develop 8-16-32 bit microcontroller and microprocessor systems, to use software and hardware tools, programming and debugging during development.
  • The workshop provides developers with modern instrumentation support. In addition to the basic lab equipment (power supplies, function generators, signal generators, testers, multimeters), we use frequency synthesizers, broadband-high-speed digital and analogue oscilloscopes, programmable power supplies and workloads, battery testing equipment.
  • In addition to the Solidworks design package mentioned above, we also use open-source development environments for microcontroller development and PC applications.

Within the framework of the GINOP-1.2.15-21-2021-00045 project, which started in 2021, the possibility to extend our current machine park was opened. The acquisition of new tools and machines will enable the development of new technological systems and capacities.

  • A new NCT MM850E CNC milling centre, a NCT SL-Turn-52 CNClathe and a Daben 50/70 B CNC milling machine have been installed.
  • Our traditional machine park was also renewed with the purchase of a universal lathe (LA 460) and a universal milling machine (AVEMAX 200).
  • To support custom developments and the production of small series of plastic parts, we installed a Bigrep Studio G2 industrial 3D plastic printer.
  • From 2021, our electronics lab will not only be supported by traditional instrumentation (oscilloscope, signal generator, multimeter), but also by virtual instrumentation for development using National Instruments tools and the Labview programming language.

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Béla Péter Sándor

Mechanical production, design, preparation

Contact for offers, orders


+36 70 290 4862

Norbert Karacs

Contact for waterjet cutting and CNC


+36 30 924 1313

István Ander

Electronics manufacturing, design, preparation

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+36 30 388 2527